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Yangju Pungnyuakhoe



Lim Su Jeong

- Profile
Present, Professor of the ethnic dance department at Gyeongsang National University
Doctoral degree in dance
Certificated in Seungmu(Monk's Dance), the 27th state-designated intangible cultural asset
Certificated in Salpuri(Scarf Dance), the 97th state-designated intangible cultural asset
Representative of Korean Traditional Dance Art Institute
Member of board of directors for Korean Performing Arts Institute & Korean Dance History Society

- Performance
Dozens of private performances of Korean traditional dance
Several domestic and international tours including Asia, Europe and America
- Award
Received Korean Traditional Artists Award in 2005
Received President Award in the session of prestigious Korean traditional dance, the 15th Hanbat National Competition of Korean Traditional Arts

- Performance Title
Kyobangmu , Salpuri-chum
- Contact
E-mail: soojeong12@hanmail.net
Homepage: http://www.soojeong12.com
Cell phone: +82 10 3058 5951